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Implementing ELDs the Right Way

Make your fleet’s compliance transition as smooth as possible.

Wayne Brown, VP of Information Technology at Maverick Transportation shares his insight and lessons learned during his team’s ELD-predecessor implementation of 1500+ trucks.

Create Substantial Safety Value from Electronic Log Compliance Data

The transportation industry’s driver safety approach is quickly shifting from reactive to proactive strategies, and with good reason — CSA scores are increasingly becoming a revenue generating asset. Learn how your existing Hours of Service data can help reduce accidents

Reduce Repair Costs and Gain Drive Time through Proactive Vehicle Monitoring

Nearly 10% of average fleet operating expenses are attributed to maintenance and repairs. According to ATRI Research, these costs have risen a jaw-dropping 53% in the past seven years. How would an additional 53% affect your bottom line? Read “Reduce Repair Costs and Gain Drive Time through Proactive Vehicle Monitoring” to learn how advanced diagnostics capabilities can enable a proactive approach to maintenance and repairs, slashing costs and increasing drive time.

How to Introduce ELDs to Your Drivers

Concerned about Driver Acceptance of Electronic Logs? If so, you are not alone. Introducing technology to reluctant drivers has been a challenge for top fleets for the last thirty years! The good news is that many drivers’ that threaten that they will quit if you put them in their trucks, later will make the same threat to keep them. The truth is this technology helps fleets, AND helps drivers.

5 Ways to Exceed your Fleet’s Goals with ELDs

Transportation is changing rapidly. Operational costs continue to rise, while margins stay thin and competition increases. To succeed, fleets must do more with less. Read “5 Ways to Exceed your Fleet’s Goals with ELDs” to learn how the right technology can help your fleet improve five critical performance metrics.

Helping Owner-Operators Maximize the Benefits of ELDs

Your operational costs are soaring, increasing regulation is putting a stranglehold on your profitability, and safety and compliance issues threaten your business. Electronic driver logs could be part of the solution, but how do you get driver buy-in — especially when those drivers are independent owner-operators? Read “Helping Owner-Operators Maximize the Benefits of ELDs” to learn the major benefits of ELDs, as well as best methods to ensure driver adoption of ELDs.

6 Red Flags You’ve Outgrown Your Telematics Solution

The transportation industry is in a rapid state of change – many telematics solutions of the past are ill-equipped to handle current and future challenges. Will your telematics solution fuel growth in an increasingly competitive market? Download our eBook to find out.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electronic Logging Device

Buying an ELD is a multi-year commitment that can significantly impact the future efficiency, compliance, and profitability of your fleet. With all that stands to be gained from a good decision, or lost with a poor one, diligent research is your best friend. Our experts have created a Buyer’s Guide to assist you in this process.

The ELD Mandate: Reduced Crash Risks and Increased Productivity

With the compliance deadline for the FMCSA’s ELD mandate set for December 2017 it is vital that you know what it is, and how it will affect you. It’s time to get smart about ELDs and the pending mandate. Read our white paper and answer vital questions.

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