Canada Announces ELD Mandate Draft, Gives 60 Days for Public Comment

This week, the first draft of the long-awaited Canadian ELD Mandate was published. This news came at the same time as the deadline carriers had to comply with the U.S. version of the ELD Mandate. Canadian Minister of Transport Marc Garneau met with transportation leaders in Ontario this week to present the rule, which will be finalized in Canada Gazette II.

Like the U.S. version, the Canadian ELD Mandate won’t change the Hours of Service regulations, just how drive time is recorded and reported. The rule will require replacing paper logs with a regulation-compliant device that connects directly to the engine ECM. Once published, the Canadian rule will have a two-year window for compliance and a similar two-year grandfather period for use of existing devices (AOBRDs) through 2022.

There is a 60-day public comment period. During this time in the Canada Gazette I process, carriers, drivers, and other members of the transportation industry can weigh in on the proposed rule. The final rule is expected to resemble the U.S. ELD Mandate with safety as the same core goal.