ELD Mandate is Now with the OST

Anticipation is building as the FMCSA’s mandate on electronic logging devices (ELDs) inches forward. As of June 1, 2015, the regulation was sent to the Office of the Secretary.

After the Electronic Onboard Recorder (EOBR) mandate stalled, it’s easy to question whether the latest iteration will see the light of day, but all signs point toward publication later this year.

And, we’re here to keep you updated on the latest and greatest.

ELD mandate calendar

Your critical ELD Mandate timeline updates

The rule will likely stay with the Office of the Secretary for 30 days, after which it will transfer over to the Office of Management and Budget.

With all this in mind, the anticipated September 30, 2015 publication date could be entirely real.

Once the rule is published, there will be a two-year grace period, giving carriers and commercial truck drivers time to research, purchase, and install compliant ELDs.

Have you recently purchased electronic driver logs?

Fear not. Carriers and truck drivers currently running 395.15 compliant Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRDs) will have an additional two years to upgrade to an ELD.

The expected key elements of an ELD

For commercial trucks manufactured after 2000, a system that integrates directly with the engine is a must. Meaning, mobile apps that do not wirelessly connect to a hardwired device and GPS-only based systems won’t comply with the new rule.

The ELD mandate is also designed to help with standardization across devices. As such, all compliant ELDs will have to be FMCSA registered and certified. (Be sure to inquire as you search for a solution.)

While detailed information on the upcoming ELD requirements can’t be confirmed until the rule is published, rest assured–we’ll provide updates as soon as they surface.

Who, me?

If you or your drivers are required to file RODS, then the ELD mandate will apply to you, unless you fall under an HOS exemption. (This webinar may answer some of your outstanding HOS exemption questions.)

Many carriers, in fact, are getting a head start on ELD adoption, in order to accommodate learning curves and to get a jump on the competition. We certainly encourage you to be among them. After all, practice makes perfect.

In our increasingly data-driven world, the ELD mandate comes as no surprise. The question is, will you be ready when the rule becomes the reality?