Electronic Driver Logs Tackle HOS Compliance & Save Time

With the ELD mandate expected to take effect this month, most fleets know they’ll be required to adopt automated electronic driver logs for HOS compliance.

And, while many in the commercial trucking industry recognize the complementary safety-related benefits ELDs provide, what may be less obvious are the range of fleet efficiency benefits that are part and parcel with ELD implementation.

In short, for-hire and private fleets who’ve adopted ELDs have reported:

  • Cost reductions
  • Fleet efficiency improvements
  • Time savings

Let’s explore that final benefit—time savings—more closely.

save time road sign for electronic driver logs

Save time fleet-wide with automated Hours of Service logging

Fleets equipped with Omnitracs’ Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) and using our Hours of Service (HOS) application have saved time with their electronic driver logs. (We certainly don’t need to tell you—time is money.)

How so?

First and foremost, the HOS app allows drivers to spend more time doing what they do best: drive.

That’s because ELDs automate many HOS logging tasks. Drivers can then spend less time on logbook data entry and more time logging loaded miles—and contributing to the company’s bottom line.

Similarly, the Omnitracs HOS app and other ELD solutions allow back office staff to devote fewer hours to reviewing paper logs, tracking down drivers, correcting manual entry errors, and keying hand-written HOS data into business systems.

Their time can then be spent on other business-critical tasks, such as ensuring timely customer payments, processing invoices, and soliciting new business—all of which can contribute to improved fleet profitability.

And, let’s not forget the fleet managers.

Given the broad scope of their responsibilities, the presence of electronic driver logs can simplify and streamline their work.

Time previously spent keeping up with the nuances of evolving HOS rules—and modifying driving assignments accordingly–can now be spent coaching drivers for improved safety performance, enhancing customer service, and growing the business.

Electronic driver logs for HOS compliance – and much, much more

While some fleets see electronic driver logs simply as a means of complying with the ELD mandate, it’s critically important that companies are also aware of the many additional ways this trucking technology can improve their business.

Both truck drivers and back-office staff experience time savings, simplification of their work, and increased accuracy of their Hours of Service records, all of which can result in cost reductions and improved fleet productivity.

For more information about the many benefits of electronic driver logs, watch our latest short video. You can also visit the Omnitracs blog, the Road Ahead.