Exempt from the Canadian ELD Mandate? Here’s 5 reasons to comply anyways

With the Canadian Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate taking effect in less than two years, details are beginning to surface around who’s going to be affected — and who’s not.

Until adopted by any one or more of the 10 Canadian Provinces, Canada’s ELD mandate only applies to federally-regulated carriers that operate across provincial boundaries of Canada and into the U.S., not to those who operate solely within Canada’s ten individual provinces. However, the Canadian Trucking Alliance and its president, Stephen Laskowski, are spearheading conversations urging ELD-exempt provincial leaders to adopt the technology and achieve a regulated system of logging vehicle hours.

All carriers — included in the mandate or not — can benefit from implementing an ELD into their operation, and here’s how:

1. Put the safety of your drivers first

The data from ELDs enables fleets to assign scores based on driving performance on the road. With this data, drivers and fleet managers can identify potentially risky behavior then address any issues head-on with developed training and incentive programs.

2. Automated logs = less paperwork

Eliminating tedious, manual paperwork enables drivers to be more efficient and productive during their routes. ELDs also significantly reduce the amount of errors that come with manual logs, increasing the satisfaction of both driver and back-office personnel.

3. Stop burning your money

ELDs are an investment, but often pay for themselves with significant economic benefits. For example, an estimated $12 billion is wasted on truck idling each year. With an ELD, you will be able to identify and notify drivers of this behavior as well as reduce Hours of Service violations to improve your Compliance, Safety, and Accountability scores for advanced business opportunities.

4. Manage your fleet to success

Achieve enhanced route planning for optimized driver efficiency and productivity with an ELD. Distribute your operational workload evenly to ensure maximum profits, gain full visibility into the status and location of your drivers, and monitor and analyze driver performance and behaviors in near-real time.

5. Grow beyond provincial boundaries

While you may currently be operating within an individual province, an ELD provides you with the tools you need to optimize your business and expand your routes across international lines. Implement an ELD and enhance your operation for the long haul.

Read Canadian Trucking Alliance Urges Provinces to Adopt ELDs to learn more about the provincial rules and regulations surrounding the Canadian ELD Mandate or Get the Facts: The Canadian ELD Mandate for everything you need to know ahead of June 2021.