Expect ELD Mandate Violation Fines Starting December 19, 2017

With so much recent anti-ELD Mandate activity, including nationwide protests, it’s easy to forget the facts: the ELD Mandate will go into effect on December 18, 2017, and the very next day enforcement has the ability to start inspection violations for missing or incomplete logs.

It is true that ELD violations won’t impact CSA scores until April of next year, however non-compliant trucks that are pulled over by enforcement are still subject to fines. At this time, we do not know how prominent the inspection violations will be in early days after the mandate or how much those fines are.

According to Lane Kidd, managing director of The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, drivers and fleets can expect the fines to cost “more than the price of an ELD.”

Fleets and drivers subject to the ELD Mandate who have not yet purchased a compliant device should give themselves the gift of peace of mind this holiday season — choose an ELD on FMCSA’s Registered ELD list, selecting a vendor with a good reputation and industry experience.