Supply and Demand Chain Executive Taps Regulatory Expert Tom Cuthbertson on, “The ELD Mandate Is Here, Now What?”

The ELD mandate has caused quite a buzz within not only the traditional for-hire trucking space, but also among all the related industries who rely upon trucking to move goods from point A to point B. Supply chain logistics and private freight movement are two great examples.


Supply and Demand Chain Executive published an article on July 12, 2016 featuring Omnitracs VP of Regulatory Compliance Tom Cuthbertson on the subject of the ELD mandate, fleets losing out by taking a wait-and-see-approach, and compelling stats about the fines that can be avoided by acting fast and acting now.

With an emphasis on supply chain, ELDs get fleets one step closer to universal connectivity and have the potential to improve the flow of freight and even translate to more capacity for shippers.

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