Whoa, We’re Halfway There! (Don’t Live on a Prayer)

When you woke up this morning, it may have felt like any other day but it actually marks another important milestone for the ELD Mandate. As of today, the ELD Mandate deadline is only 180 days away. That’s just six months — or half a year! No matter how you count the days, the deadline is right around the corner.

For many, this news may be a bit of a wake-up call as you realize that the subject of so many conversations for the last three-plus years is now rapidly becoming a reality. If you haven’t begun looking into an ELD solution, there’s no cause for immediate concern — yet. You still have some time to prepare but don’t procrastinate too much longer!

Industry experts have predicted that carriers and drivers may have trouble securing an ELD solution of their own as we move closer to the deadline. Research shows that a large number of companies that still need ELDs are waiting until the last minute to get a solution. The rapid increase in buyers will cause longer wait times, shipping delays, and even missed orders. Then, if you combine these supply issues with the time needed to install, set up, and train on the device, you’re probably looking at a much longer timeline than what was planned.

Don’t be caught unprepared and risk losing thousands in DOT penalties and fines! Download the ELD Preparedness Checklist today to make sure you have all your ELD-related bases covered.